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Please read all information before placing your order. The order will not be prepared until we receive the full payment for your order!

For any items that you do not find in the catalog, just write it down and it will be a pleasure to find it for you. Also feel free to email or contact us for any information.

New deadlines

Due to many issues, this year the “June ship” must be ordered by latest on APRIL 30th and all “other ships” must be ordered on MAY 31st at the very latest.

Payments will not all be required by this date. We will give you payment deadlines when sending estimate. Please do not wait at the last minute.


The marchandise can be shipped in FULL CASES ONLY.

2-Shelf life

  • When ordering, please take into consideration the shelf life of the products
  • We do our best to have the furthest expiration dates possible
  • But you must keep in mind the period of time between: When the order is brought here, then to the port and then to you

3-Service charges

Wood Crate 1.73CU M: 255.00 $ Each

A charge of 35 $ per order will be invoiced for the transport from Valleyfield to the port.


If you want to make your own space reservation on the ship, you need to call DESGAGNÉS TRANSARCTIK INC. at 1 866-732-5438 and give us your RESERVATION NUMBER with your order (very important).

Please note that we will make an estimate of the stock, freight cost but an adjustment will be required once we received the original invoice from DESGAGNÉS once it’s delivered.

* FREIGHT CHARGES will be according to DESGAGNÉS rates


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We often have to wait a long time to get approvals for the final payments on invoices. Please be advised that if after two requests for approvals we do not receive an answer, we will take the final payment without further warnings.

We will not process your order without your authorization.

3. Transport info

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Fournisseur officiel de Nutrition Nord Canada

Official supplier of Nutrition Nord Canada

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Fax number : 450 373-4989

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