Thanks to the Carriers Tracking and Traceability System, you can know in real time where the products you have ordered are.

Air Cargo is the fastest method of delivering your shipment. Different types of adaptable aircraft can take almost any cargo on board.


Create an Air Cargo account (New clients)

It takes just 2 minutes to open an Air Cargo account with Marché Daoust. First, fill out the Create Air Cargo Account form and within 24 hours we will send you a customer number.


You have your customer number in hands, tell us now what you need using our online form!

Take advantage of the week’s specials

We invite you to consult our Marché Daoust Flyer to take advantage of the week’s specials. Download our Excel Grocery List to write down your products.

Submit your Air Cargo order

You have two options. You can either attach your completed Grocery list to the online AIR CARGO ORDER form or write down the products directly in the form. An order confirmation will be sent to you within 24 hours.


When to order?
As of Monday December 6th 2021, the deadline for placing orders will be Mondays 8h00 am (instead of 4h00pm).  As of 8h01 you are too late. Best times for sending in your orders are from Thursdays to Sundays.  Do not wait until the last minute, because no exceptions will be made. Also be very careful of what flyer you use.  Very often the internet brings you to the Ontario flyer which is not at all the same.  Best thing to do is choose our region, postal code J6T 1P4.

Cost and fees:
Preparation and delivery to the airport: $ 38.00
Packaging of alcohol bottles (per bottle or case of beer): $ 2.50
Large boxes: $ 1.25
Small boxes: $ 0.75
Errand Fee: products purchased outside our store: $ 15.00 / store
Shipping (determined by your cargo company): Cargo Rate